Titan Fall 2

I just completed the campaign of Titan Fall 2 on my new PS4 Pro and I have to say it’s one of the best FPS experiences I’ve had since the Half-Life 2 series. There were no points where I felt like the game was long-in-the-tooth. Just when I would think that the game might get stale, new level concepts, weapons, and environments are introduced with a nice grade of learning and ending with mastery before discarding the idea to make room for new ones. The story was simple enough to follow, and the dialog tree served to usa bitcoin casino put me in each moment of interaction between the pilot and Titan thus allowing me to bond with my Titan more as I thought about my responses and comments. I’m very much looking forward to jumping into the multiplayer. I can’t imagine how a third installment could better this game but I sure hope the team at Respawn are awarded the chance. While I love Battlefield 1, this game deserves the same kind of success. Don’t miss this game.