To pull this off, it doesn’t matter which platform you are running. Isn’t that beautiful? All you need is an SSH and a VNC client. If you’re on a Mac with Leopard or greater, you should be all set to begin. Simply launch terminal (Putty or whatever client you have) and let’s make our connection to our long distance Mac:

To do this from terminal enter the following:

ssh username@ipaddress_of_remote_mac

Enter the password for the user and press [Return].

Next we need to get into the correct directory for our change:

cd /Library/Preferences

Press [Return] then type the following:

echo -n enable >

After pressing [Return] this will enable Screen Sharing.

If you’re on a Mac, switch to the ‘Finder’, select the ‘Go’ menu and choose ‘Connect to Server’. Enter the following:


Enter your Username and Password and Bob’s your uncle.

If you’re on a PC or Linux machine, skip the ‘Finder’ step and fire up your favorite VNC client and enter the same address and user credentials.