Adding a Proper HTML Signature to Outlook 365

So let’s say you’ve created a great looking HTML signature only to discover that there is no HTML view in the “Edit Signature” box in Outlook 365. No worries, here’s how to do it. Note: The following assumes your running Windows 10 and Office 365 but who knows, it might work fine with other version combos:

  1. Start by copying HTML source code of your signature to your computers clipboard
  2. Open Outlook
  3. Click “New Email”
  4. Click “Signature” in the “Untitled – Message” window
  5. Click “Signatures…” in the drop-down menu
  6. Click “New” and then name your new signature and click “OK”
  7. In the “Edit Signature” box, type “test” and then click “OK”
  8. Close Outlook
  9. Open a File Explorer window and paste in this path: %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures
  10. You should now see a folder containing the name of the signature you just created (three actually.) Open the HTML version in your text editor.
  11. Now remove everything in this document and replace it with the code in your clipboard – Select All (Edit > Select All / Ctrl+A) followed by Paste (Edit > Paste / Ctrl+V)
  12. Save this file

Open Outlook 365 again and you should be able to select your new signature and start using it!

Finally, throw your Windows PC in the garbage and buy a Mac. The end.